About Us

A delightful female singer and a talented male pianist/singer.

We, the members of ‘Smooth Operators’ are both professional musicians/singers who have played and sung at the highest levels.

We have both worked around the world in prestigious venues of all kinds including theatres, cruise ships, hotels, cocktail lounges, music clubs and bars. We have also appeared on BBC Radio 2 and many other radio networks as well as being involved in many recording projects.

We are:

Lindsay Field, Singer



Mick Rose, Pianist / Singer


Pianist / Singer

We have a very simple stage set-up comprising a piano which accompanies our two voices. We both take lead vocals and create beautiful vocal harmonies, which are a feature of our sound.

Sometimes we use simple backing tracks, usually just drums and bass. We create the backing tracks ourselves specifically to enhance the sound without ever being too dominant.

On occasions we enlist the services of two other superb musicians, a drummer and a bass guitarist, for that full live rhythmic sound.